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Vegan Food is becoming mainstream! Vegan Fashion is rapidly catching up. But what about vegan homes, workplaces, hotels...?

Do you know if the production of your wall paint caused pain to animals? Do you know that the leather on your couch may not actually come from cows but cats or dogs? Do you know that your fluffy down pillow is actually posing a health risk to you? Do you know why towels are not vegan?

In this informative and educational book which won the PETA Vegan Homeware Awards 2021, Aline Dürr, award-winning interior architect and coach, explains what vegan interior design is, why it matters and how you can easily implement a healthy, cruelty-free and sustainable lifestyle in your home, your office, your restaurant or anywhere you like - at no extra cost and with no compromises in quality and luxury - whether you are actually vegan or not.



We offer interior design services for commercial and residential projects worldwide (head to our design services here).


We are an educational platform teaching interior design students and established interior design businesses how to include a fast-growing conscious market into their customer base. We offer online courses and one on one sessions and are available for group presentations and public speaking engagements.


We are a social enterprise that educates, creates change, supports and empowers.


We are a community of vegans and non-vegans who strive to create a healthy, sustainable and cruelty-free world.

Founder and director Aline Dürr is an award-winning interior architect, thought leader, author and voice for the voiceless. She has a corporate background and moved from Berlin to Sydney in 2011 to change her career to where her passion lies. Well versed and highly experienced in building biology and healthy home design, Aline has been an interior design professional in the commercial sector for many years. She is also active in animal rescue, a dedicated foster parent to countless ex-battery hens and mother of two young children and many rescue animals. 

Design Services


We offer design services for commercial and residential projects of all sizes.


To find out how we can help you, please book a free15 minute discovery call here.


As we work on projects all over the world, most of them are managed and communicated online with the help of video conference meetings and a client portal. This is a very efficient way to work on a project, no matter how many parties are involved. All project details from mood boards, priced specification schedules to the latest updated drawing packages are located in the client portal with all relevant parties having access to it. This guarantees a smooth project flow and saves a lot of time.


Help we offer includes:

  • space planning

  • budget planning

  • sourcing of furniture, finishes, fittings and fixtures

  • materials & finishes consultations

  • designing joinery or bespoke furniture items

  • partial or complete drawing packages

  • 3D renderings

  • council and development applications (Australia only)


Online Design Process

We recommend to start with a free 15 minute discovery call which is usually followed by a 2 hour consultation to go into more depth about the brief and all project details, unless we discuss a different form of collaboration during the discovery call.

Once you book a consultation, you will be provided with an online questionnaire as well as guidance of how to take site measurements and site pictures and how to upload them. By completing these steps before our consultation, we will save time and get straight to the point.

In terms of consultations, we have different packages to choose from. We can determine together which package suits your project during the free 15 minute discovery call.

Image by Georgia de Lotz


The Vegan Interior Design Method

This 6-week online course:


- Empowers you to design & create vegan spaces without the

   confusion that often comes with it


- Allows you to be a confident and conscious designer when it

   comes to cruelty-free and vegan interiors, be it DIY or



- Provides you with an added specialty and unique skills that

   you can add to your services, whether you are actually

   vegan or not


- Is hands-on and focuses on practical every day design

   solutions and alternatives to animal-based products


- Will be an absolute GAME CHANGER in the way you will

   design in the future

The Vegan Interior Design Method Cover Page.jpg

This course will give you all tools to create healthy, sustainable and cruelty-free interior designs and be part of a worldwide ethical movement.

Here is a fraction of what it includes:

  • Downloadable worksheets, checklists & questionnaires

  • Expert interviews and videos 

  • Additional reading and learning material

  • Email templates for suppliers & clients

  • Access to private Facebook Group 'The Vegan Interior Design Movement'

  • Personal Onboarding Call to get you started

6 Week Course Mockup.png

Register now for the next intake of the completely overhauled and upgraded course or send us a message with questions you may have here.

Live Events


Aline Dürr, founder and director of Vegan Interior Design, is passionate and knowledgeable about ethical and cruelty-free interior design and architecture. As an award-winning interior architect, author and thought leader, Aline has made it her mission to be a voice for the voiceless and share her knowledge with interior design experts and students as well as anyone else interested in and passionate about healthy and sustainable design.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Aline speaks at different types of events and her speaking engagements can be suited to all kinds of audiences. She has the ability to engage her audience in an informative yet positive, friendly and motivational way.

Please contact us here to make an enquiry.   

Branding Materials


To book a free 15 minute discovery call, please click here for direct access to our calendar.

For speaking engagements, live event requests or questions regarding our online courses please send an email to: or use the contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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